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 I'm lucky enough to live in Thessaloniki, a city that has lot of exciting attractions and places, which are worth visiting. There are so many cosmopolitan and exciting places in Thessaloniki that it's hard to choose only 2.

One place that is geard towards teenage tourists is the Cosmos Mediterrenian centre. In this stunning, enormous place you can find great bergains and really cool cafes to hang out with your friends. If you aren't the shopping type, Cosmos provides you with the opportunity to watch the latest block-busters around the world at centre's cinemas.

The second place that should't be missed is the Noesis Planitarium, where you can watch spectacular views inspired by state-of- the-art technology. There you can also visit the famous technology museum, where you can play unique games, based on science and chemistry.

Both these magnificent places offer you a unuque taste of life in Thessaloniki. They are two of the most amazing attractions where you definitely won't get bored.




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