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Archive for March, 2015


Ha (hey) Jim ,

What r (are) u (you) doing toda (today) . Do u (you) want to come to the cnema (cinema) with me ? Dro (draw) me a line …..

Bi (bye)


A text message

Hey Nick ! How r u ? We r going to see "The Hobbit 3 "  will u come ? Anyway the movie starts @ 8 ! C u l8r. 



Text Language

Hi there!

got ur message n its k not 2 come 2night @ mah party.

idk if Marys comin,2.

brb,gtg nah.

lyt, cu l8r!



(Blog : http://yeshal.clubefl.gr)

Geia s Maria! T kns? Gt dn hrthes smr sxoleio? :( Elpizw aurio n ertheis. Btw exoume n kanoume mia ergasia mazi… Elpizw n mn t ksexases :) bb :*

text messages


-How r u td?



-I can't do my h/w. Can u help me?? 


- C u @ my home @ 6! Don't be l8!!




Hi Bob.

Do u want to go out tday?

I 'd like to tell u smth v.i. 

Text back 4 answer.

text message

Smr dn hrua st sxoleio gt dn eimoun pl kl. Mporeis na m dwseis ta maumt pou knt smr k pou ua exm gia aurio?

How different I am from my parents

I believe that we are different from our parents in many different ways. The biggest differences between us and our parents relate to our hobbies and our way of thinking. Nowadays, teenagers have so many different hobbies like playing musical instruments, playing video games, watching films, photography (which I would like to try), skateboarding etc. Our parents of course do not have these hobbies or many of them don't even have a hobby at all. The second greatest difference between us and our parents is our way of thinking. Now, I'm not saying that we are not influenced by our parents' opinions, but I think that each one of us has a different way of understanding the world and our place in it. What do you think?



1. Koyaanisqatsi 

Here is the soundtrack from Phillip Glass











Environmental Movies

Hey everyone!!

Here are some movies about the environment and environmental disasters :

•The Lion King

•A Bug's Life

•The Happening

•Finding Nemo (one of my favourite!)


So, did you like them? I'm sure you've already seen most of them! :)



(Blog : http://yeshal.clubefl.gr)