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Online homework assignments

     In today’s society a knowledge of computers is necessary and students should know how to use one. But should all homework assignments be done on a computer and sent by email to the teacher? In my opinion, sending your homework assignments by email is much easier, but might not be practical if you don’t have Internet access. Also, you may lose everything you’ve done so far if there’s a current blackout.

     Sending all your homework assignments by email has a lot of advantages and disadvantages, too. Students can make their assignments look good and it’s much easier for teachers to receive work. Also, students can improve their knowledge of computer technology. One more benefit of doing your homework online, is that it doesn’t take loads of time to write. On the other hand, not everyone has a computer at home and it is pretty difficult to stop children from copying from the Internet. Also, students need to practise writing by hand to prepare for written examinations. Last but not least, doing all your work on the computer may hinder your eyesight, too.

     In conclusion, I believe that giving your homework assignments straight to your teacher is better than doing it online. As I see it, schools should avoid giving a lot of homework online. A possible solution would be to do many exercises in class either with a computer or not, so that all students can improve their computer skills. Also, it would be better to give homework in class and not online, as students might lose their work.

"…and you have to send me this exercise until next Friday!!"

"Where can I find that exercise?? Uh oh!!"

"My exercise is ready!! Yes!! …oh, no!! I forgot to save it!! Tomorrow is Friday, I have no time to write it all over again!!"


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