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Thank you for an amazing year!

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful, creative moments we've shared this year! I'm proud of all your hard work and accomplishments and I'm sure you will do great next year! I hope you all succeed in your exams and enjoy the relaxing summer days! I'll see you all in September for more inspiration, creativity and fun! Here's my favourite summer song dedicated to all of you!




Your LSP (Listening-Speaking-Writing) teacher,

Ms Maria :)

My Reading Interest Survey

I asked 10 friends – relatives about their reading habits. Well:

1/10 prefer biography books

2/10 prefer fantasy books

3/10 prefer humorous books 

4/10 prefer adventure books

10/10 prefer fiction books

10/10 read most of the time textbooks

6/10 get most of their reading materials from book store

4/10 get most of their reading marerials from family

8/10 spent 0-1 hours reading 

2/10 spend 1-2 hours reading 




1. Adventure 2/5 Mystery 4/5 Historical 1/5 Science 1/5 Fantasy 3/5 Sports 1/5 Humorous 3/5. Horror,Biography,Informational,Realistic Fiction,Traditional Literature 0/5

2. Fiction 1/5 Non-Fiction 3/5 Both 1/5

3.Historical Figures 2/5 Celebrites 2/5 Detectives 3/5 Fantasy 5/5 Musicians 1/5 Animals 1/5.Athletes,People like me-people not like me,People my age,Actors,People going through the same issues 0/5

4. Books 2/5 Newspapers 1/5 Comic books 1/5 Websites 1/5

5. Public Library 1/5 Book store 2/5 Friends 1/5 Family 2/5 Online 2/5.School library,Teacher 0/5

6. 0-1 = 3/5   1-2 = 2/5                     2-3,3-4,5 or more hours = 0/5




Here are the answers on my survey.I asked 4 people friends and relatives.

3/4 Prefer reading Non-fiction books

2/4 Like reading about Historical Figures

1/4 Like reading about Detectives

1/4 Like reading about Fantasy Characters


My Reading Interest Survey

I have recently asked 10 people, including relatives, friends and strangers, to tell me about their Reading Habits.

So, here are my results!! Hope they are useful! :

According to my survey, 50% of teenagers prefer to read fiction books than non-fiction. Also, 90% of them spend almost 1-2 hours reading books every day, while the other 10% reads for 0-1 hours a day!! The kind of book that 30% of teens love reading is Adventure, while the other 70% of them are keen on Mystery, Humorous and Horror books, as well! Unfortunately, all of them mostly read textbooks-because of school! The characters that 40% of teenagers are interested in are people their age. 30% prefer people who go through the same issues with them, while the other 30% loves reading about fantasy characters. How about where they all get most of their reading materials? Well, my Survey shows that 20% of people who were asked the same question, borrow books from their friends. Also, another 50% get their reading material from the Internet, while another 30% of them buy their books from a book store.

Interesting, wasn't it? I personally didn't expect these to be their answers!!

How about you? What kind of books do you like reading? I'd love to know :-)



(Blog : http://yeshal.clubefl.gr)



Ha (hey) Jim ,

What r (are) u (you) doing toda (today) . Do u (you) want to come to the cnema (cinema) with me ? Dro (draw) me a line …..

Bi (bye)


A text message

Hey Nick ! How r u ? We r going to see "The Hobbit 3 "  will u come ? Anyway the movie starts @ 8 ! C u l8r. 



Text Language

Hi there!

got ur message n its k not 2 come 2night @ mah party.

idk if Marys comin,2.

brb,gtg nah.

lyt, cu l8r!



(Blog : http://yeshal.clubefl.gr)

Geia s Maria! T kns? Gt dn hrthes smr sxoleio? :( Elpizw aurio n ertheis. Btw exoume n kanoume mia ergasia mazi… Elpizw n mn t ksexases :) bb :*

text messages


-How r u td?



-I can't do my h/w. Can u help me?? 


- C u @ my home @ 6! Don't be l8!!